Dragonfly Clan Mon The importance of the Dragonfly belies their size; everyone who wishes to travel to the Dragon lands must first stop at Kyuden Tonbo, to seek permission. Most of the hard-working Tonbo are shugenja, and the few bushi who come from their lands typically use political favors to train with their Mirumoto allies. Tonbo Dayu, son of Tonbo Manaka, became the Dragonfly Clan Champion following the death of his father in 1158.

The Dragonfly Clan was founded in 704 when the Phoenix shugenja Isawa Maroko married her true love, Mirumoto Asijin. The Lion bushi engaged to be married to Maroko, Akodo Yokutsu was enraged. Thus, the founders of the Dragonfly incurred the wrath of the Lion Clan upon inception, and the Minor Clan has suffered greatly for that legacy.

In the Dragon-Phoenix War the allies of the Phoenix, the Lion Clan, used the war as an excuse to get revenge on the Dragonfly. Akodo Ijiasu attacked the Dragonfly Clan in 1158, and came close to eradicate it. The Dragonfly Champion was able to save his Clan from destruction thanks to the shugenja Tonbo Euiko, who had prophesized the Clan’s impending doom. Most of the people of the Dragonfly had been sent away just before the attack.

Kyuden Tonbo, the palace of the Dragonfly, was completely destroyed by the Lion. A year later, it was rebuilt using powerful magic by Toturi Sezaru, who intended to use it as a base of power when pursuing his claim on the Steel Throne of Rokugan. After the death of his sister, Toturi Tsudao, Sezaru finaly abdicated his claim to the Steel Throne, returning the rebuilt palace to the Dragonfly Clan.


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