The once prosperous Heibeisu is a lush city, surrounded by water and rolling hills, crested by mountains to the north and east. Located in the Toshibu Province of the Mirumoto, the city rests on the borders between the Dragon Mountains and the Dragon Heart Plain. It is a perfect place for the Dragon, Phoenix, Ox, Lion, and Crane clans to gather and trade with one another, particularly following the destruction of Otosan Uchi.

Unfortunately the city never benefited from the capital’s demise, as by that point it had already become a rally-point for refugees fleeing the eruption of the Wrath of the Kami as well as serving as a major barracks for the Mirumoto armies engaging the Phoenix along their border. Centuries of development and brisk trade were all but ruined by war and overcrowding in a matter of months.

Today, Heibeisu remains a pale reflection of its former glory. Trade with the Ox Clan has resumed, as has limited trade with the Phoenix. The Lion and Crane, however, moved most of their commercial activities to the new capital, Toshi Ranbo, leaving only marginal interests in Heibeisu. The loss of resources for the Dragon has been considerable, and the Mirumoto family is seeking ways to revitalize the city’s formerly booming trade markets.

The city is administered by Mirumoto Shokan, a samurai trained in the Kitsuki’s Method and a valued aide of Mirumoto Shigeru. In 1161 Saigorei led the Wolf Legion to the city of Heibeisu, pledging their allegiance to its new governor. To the Wolf Legion, Shokan is a kindred spirit of their founder, Toturi. The Wolf Legion’s presence, while intimidating at first, now provides the citizens and merchants of Heibeisu with a much-needed sense of security.

Mirumoto Shokan, City Governor Saigorei, Wolf Legion

Wolf Keep: This bleak stone building, standing on the outskirts of Heibeisu, could easily be mistaken for an old, abandonned fortress. In truth, the Wolf Legion’s new base of operation is only a few years old. It was constructed during the Dragon-Phoenix War. Hasty construction and extraordinary high traffic from refugees leaves it in a constant state of disrepair, compelling the Mirumoto to abandon it completely once they withdrew their armies.

The Izaku Library: This impressive holding, dominating the city of Heibeisu, is one of the Empire’s most formidable repositories of the art and wisdom of the shugenja. It is the home of the Izaku family, wholly dedicated to the preservation of magical knowledge, and the only vassal family to serve two Great Clan families simultaneously, the Agasha of the Phoenix and the Tamori of the Dragon. Though the Dragon and Phoenix consider this area as a neutral ground, the place was a focal point in the Dragon-Phoenix War. Both sides wanted to exploit the knowledge within the library for use as a weapon against the other. The Izaku knew that they could not serve serve either side in good faith if it led to the destruction of the other. As a result of this issue, they locked away all of the spell scrolls with military applications in the depths of the library, vowing to refuse access to these powerfull spell caches.

The Izaku Library


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