Héros Honor primarily reflects how an individual samurai rates his personal ability to adhere to the tenets of Bushido and fulfill the duties assigned to him by his lord. While Honor is primarily internal, there is an external component to it as well, as a samurai’s Honor greatly impacts how he carries himself and thus how others perceive him.

Togashi Entame Mirumoto Shinji Tamori Tsuchikage Kitsuki Toshiro
4.5 4.5 4.5 5.5
1 -0.2
2 +0.2 +0.3 +0.2 +0.1
4 +0.2
5 -0.4
Total 4.7 4.8 4.7 5.2

Discerning Honor: Samurai who have a high Honor Rank conduct themselves in such a manner that their nature is obvious to those who pay close attention. Any character may attempt to discern the Honor Rank of another person by making a Lore: Bushido / Awareness roll (TN 30). If the roll is successful, the person making the roll can discern the Honor Rank of the samurai being evaluated.

The Strength of Honor: One of the greatest benefits of having a high Honor Rank is that characters can rely upon their Honor to aid them in resisting temptations or manipulations that a true samurai should turn aside easily. Characters add their Honor Rank to the total of any roll made to resist uses of the Intimidation and Temptation Skills, as well as to all rolls to resist Fear effects of any kind.

The Honor Roll: An Honor Roll allows a character to call upon his Honor once per game session to try to succeed at something he would otherwise fail. After a character fails a Skill, Trait, Ring, or Spell Casting roll, he may opt to re-roll the attempt at the same TN, but using his Honor Rank in rolled and kept dice in place of the original dice roll. If the second roll succeeds, the character successfully performs the action. However, if it fails, not only does the character fail the original action but he also loses a full Rank (ten Points) of Honor as his faith in his own capabilities is shaken.

Those individuals with Honor Ranks 0 or 1 do not adhere to or even recognize the tenets of Bushido, and mock those who are restricted by such an antiquated code of conduct. Individuals of this sort cannot be trusted, and value only their own interests and well-being at the expense of anyone and anything else. Criminals fall into this category.

While characters of Honor Ranks 2 and 3 are not particularly honorable, they at least pay lip service to the concept and make a marginal effort to uphold principles under certain circumstances. Perhaps this is a vestige of the individual’s upbringing, or perhaps he only wants to avoid completely dishonoring his clan or lord through his actions. Still, the most important thing to a man of this caliber is himself, and very little can convince him otherwise.

Characters of Honor Ranks 4 and 5 are the standard against which most others are measured. Such samurai make an effort every day to adhere to the tenets of Bushido and to bring honor and glory to their families and clans. Still, they are human and flawed individuals. As such they fall short of their potential on occasion, but not so much that they spiral downward into shame and disappointment.

A samurai of Honor Ranks 6 or 7 understands the strength inherent in the code of Bushido. Such a man still feels the temptations to which lower-Honor characters succumb, but he is capable of resisting them through conviction and strength of will. These samurai may occasionally abandon virtue in the name of practicality, but such things are the exception rather than the rule.

Samurai of Honor Ranks 8 and 9 are rare individuals who have managed to put aside their personal feelings and concerns, replacing them with zeal for duty and Bushido. To some, these men and women are paragons of virtue who are to be respected and admired, while to others, they are rigid and inflexible disciplinarians unwilling to deviate even slightly from their own intractable code of conduct.

Perhaps one soul in ten thousand reaches Honor Rank 10, and represents the greatest and most virtuous heroes of an entire Empire. Such an individual is virtually beyond reproach save from the highest ranks of the Imperial bureaucracy. Individuals of this caliber are completely selfless, devoted to their lord, clan, and Emperor, and exhibit virtue in every action.


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