The Three Orders

The Three Orders is a term used to refer to the monastic orders of the Dragon Clan. The tattooed monks of the Hitomi, Hoshi and Togashi families are respectively known as Kikage Zumi, Tsurui Zumi, and Ise Zumi.


Hitomi Family Mon Hitomi Kagetora, Family Daimyo The Hitomi family was founded in 1128 when Hitomi had assumed leadership of the Dragon Clan following the death of Togashi Yokuni. After Hitomi’s ascension to become Lady Moon, the Kikage Zumi of the Hitomi family continued to worship her. New tattoos among the Kikage Zumi occur spontaneously, and are taken as a blessing from Lady Moon. The current daimyo of the Hitomi family is Hitomi Kagetora, one of only seven survivors among those who followed Hitomi to the Battle of Oblivion’s Gate.


Hoshi Family Mon Hoshi Wayan, Family Daimyo The Hoshi family was founded by the son of the Kami Togashi, the half-dragon Togashi Hoshi. After the death of his father, Hoshi escaped the madness of Hitomi, leaving the Dragon Clan. He began tattooing monks in the same way Togashi had done, founding the Order of Hoshi. After Hitomi ascended to become Lady Moon, Hoshi returned to the Dragon Clan, becoming Clan Champion. He continued to tattoo men and women until his ascension to heavens as the Celestial Wanderer, in 1959. The current daimyo of the Hoshi family is the Tsurui Zumi Hoshi Wayan.


Togashi Family Mon Togashi Satsu, Family Daimyo The Ise Zumi were founded by the Kami Togashi and swore directly to his name as the Togashi family. Each member of the Ise Zumi, from the beginning of the Empire, was tattooed originally with Togashi’s blood. It was this blood, and their understanding of their own place within the universe, that allowed them to access such phenomenal abilities. Since Togashi’s death, Ise Zumi receives new tattoos from their current daimyo, the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu, son of Togashi Hoshi and Hoshi Eisai, and grandson of the Kami Togashi.

The Three Orders

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