The Ide Emissary School

The Ide Techniques focus on a calm mind, serenity in all things, and mediation. They are the most pacifistic of any courtier tradition among the Great Clans, save possibly for the Asako of the Phoenix Clan. The intensity of their conviction with regard to pacifism has waxed and waned over the years, but on the whole they remain devoted to defusing conflict whenever possible. This makes them welcome allies to some Clans, and meddling outsiders to others. The Ide accept compliments and criticism with equal cheer.

The Ide Techniques are different from most courtier Techniques in that they are entirely non-offensive in nature. The Ide specialize in protecting themselves from the ramifications of their actions, and in attempting to defuse conflicts among others.

Benefit: +1 Awareness
Skills: Calligraphy, Commerce, Courtier, Etiquette (Conversation), Horsemanship, Sincerity (Honesty), any one High or Perform skill
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Calligraphy Set, Traveling Pack, 10 koku


The Ide are taught to adapt instantly to new customs and social nuances, allowing them to avoid giving offense in even the most dangerous and hostile of courts. Also, since they must often deal with foreigners who might react poorly to lies or manipulation, they are taught to employ honesty and direct speech wherever possible. In any situation in which you might inadvertently give offense, whether through accident or ignorance (such as being unaware of a daimyo’s hostility to a particular subject of conversation), you may roll Etiquette (Courtesy) / Awareness at TN 20 to avoid doing so. You gain a Free Raise when rolling Sincerity (Honesty), but any time you roll Sincerity (Deceit), your TN is increased by +5.

After centuries of dealing with unpredictable and sometimes violent folk in the Burning Sands, the Ide have learned an almost preternatural ability to read the emotions of others, recognizing their true feelings and, hopefully, steering away from trouble. You may attempt to read someone else’s true emotions in a social situation by making a Contested Social Roll of your Etiquette / Awareness against the target’s Etiquette / Willpower. With a success, you gain a simple, general idea of their true feelings – which can be very useful when those feelings are not the same as their outward actions. You may Raise for better information, subject to the GM’s adjudication. (For example, two Raises might tell you, “The Doji is actually hoping for your success against the Dragon.”)

The Ide family’s training emphasizes friendship and good personal relations as the key to successful diplomacy. You may attempt to sway someone’s attitudes toward you in a positive direction. This requires spending at least 10 minutes in conversation, after which you may make a Contested Roll of your Sincerity (Honesty) / Awareness against their Etiquette (Courtesy) / Willpower. With a success, you shift their attitude toward you in a positive direction. (A hostile individual will become more neutral, an undecided individual will become friendly, etc.) If you make at least two successful Raises on this roll, the target will regard you as an Ally for the remainder of this day (subject to GM approval).
This technique cannot be used on Sworn Enemies, and the GM is the final arbiter on whether it functions against unusual targets such as nonhuman creatures.

At this level of training, the Ide have become true masters of mediation, able to see past all the deceptions and false fronts of diplomacy and discern the true solution to any problem. When using your Rank Two and Rank Three techniques, you may roll additional unkept dice equal to your School Rank.

The final lesson the Ide school teaches its students is to be such perfect mediators that no honorable person can raise a hand against them in violence. You may spend a Void point to make a Contested Roll of your Sincerity (Honesty) / Awareness against a target individual’s Etiquette (Courtesy) / Awareness. If you win the roll, the target cannot take any hostile action against you (physical, social, or magical) for a number of hours equal to twice your School Rank, as long as you likewise refrain from hostility against that person. This Technique does not work against those with an Honor Rank less than 2.0, or who possess no Honor Rank (animals, oni, etc).

The Ide Emissary School

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