The Isawa Family

Isawa Family Mon Shiba Yoma, Voice of the Elemental Masters The Isawa family was founded by a powerful shugenja. When the Shiba came to him to ask for his help, he refused without first recieving an oath that the Kami would protect his family. Currently, the Isawa use this promise to retain control over the affairs of the Phoenix clan. The Shiba family controls the armies, but even this is done under the direction of the Isawa. The Isawa family is ruled by a Council of Five Elemental Masters. Shiba Yoma, the Voice of the Elemental Masters, serve as representative of the Council of Five to the Phoenix Clan Champion.


Master of Air Isawa Nakamuro The Master of Air Isawa Nakamuro is the brother of the Master of Fire Isawa Ochiai. He achieved is position in 1157 when the previous Master of Air Agasha Gennai decided to retire, thus giving his place on the Council of Five.

Master of Earth Isawa Taeruko Isawa Taeruko, cousin of Isawa Tadaka, and Isawa Tomo, was appointed Master of Earth immediately after the Second Day of Thunder in 1128. She played an important role in the Agasha defection of the Dragon. She personnaly hunted the tainted Tamori for years and her rivalry with the Dark Oracle of Fire’s daughter Tamori Shaitung is well known.

Master of Fire Isawa Ochiai The Master of Fire Isawa Ochiai is the younger sister of Master of Air Isawa Nakamuro. When it came time to select a new Master of Fire after the death of Isawa Hochiu in 1159, it was Master of Void Shiba Ningen who suggested Ochiai. With Ochiai’s skill for precision tempering her gift for fire magic, the Council of Five believed there would be no more shame heaped upon the position.

Master of Water Doji Akiko The Master of Water Doji Akiko is one of the returned spirit of Oblivion’s Gate. Isawa Akiko, daughter of Isawa, was killed in the mid-first century, when her ex-betrothed Asako Sagoten tried to regain her love by selfishly using Isawa’s Last Wish. She later returned through Oblivion’s Gate, eventually becoming the wife of Crane Clan Champion Doji Kurohito. Doji Akiko was nominated to her position by Isawa Taeruko in 1159, to seal a treaty between the Phoenix and the Crane.

Master of Void Shiba Ningen Shiba Ningen became Master of Void after Isawa Kaede abandoned the position to become the Oracle of Void. In 1132, the Council decided against all expectations to appoint a young Ningen as Master of Void, with less than ten years. He is the longest-serving Master.

The Isawa Family

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